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Kairos is a three-piece "Candy Coated Rock and Roll" band from Austin, TX., heavily inspired by surf, punk rock, and electronic.  Known for their dynamic stage presence and genre-bending musical style​, Kairos is guaranteed to play an unforgettable live show.  

Once upon a time...

    Our story begins in the fall of 2016 when singer-songwriter Jacob Garrigus (Vocals/Guitar) was approached by local pretty boy, Brent Miller, (Vocals/Bass/Keys) about starting a band.  The two had shared previous experience in music, having been in choir together at Texas State University.  Brent had also been booking and doing sound for most of Jacob's shows at a local venue, providing with him payments via gift card at the venue's request.  Jacob was tired of playing lonely boy sad acoustic music for bacon jam fries and Brent was tired of listening to it.  Thus their plan started springing into action.  Brent and Jacob struggled at first to find a drummer that fit the style they wanted to pursue.  Having auditioned multiple drummers to no avail, the new project was facing an uphill battle from the get go. 

    One fateful night, Jacob was hanging out alone in his garage (for whatever reason) at his house on Sagewood Trl. in San Marcos when he heard a beautiful noise in the distance.  There was a group of folks jamming down the road only three houses away from his.  He had to investigate.  When Jacob approached the house with his guitar he was met with a rowdy group of rapscallions jamming the night away.  It was there he locked his eyes on a handsome and stoic individual by the name of Jake Davila (Drums).  Jacob was incredibly impressed at Davila's natural musicianship and eyed him all night like a rabid wolf on a full moon.  Davila was a little disturbed but it ain't heavy baby its cool.  About a week after the all night jam session, Jacob approached Jake's door with a proposition of joining a band.  Davila gave his blessing.  Kairos was complete.    

Baby Kairos (2017)

Kairos live at Valentinos (2017)

    Kairos had spent the next few months writing and performing original music, landing shows all over Central Texas.  Their first EP, "Cuatro", was released in the Summer of 2017 and consisted of four original singles.  Heavily inspired by reggae, punk rock, and hip hop, Kairos created a truly unique and genre bending style.  Their live shows were gaining notoriety for their intense energy and in-your-face attitude.  Within their first year, they had already gotten the opportunity to play with reggae heavy hitters Ballyhoo, The Holdup, and EN Young.  They also released an original Christmas single that year entitled "It Doesn't Snow Here".  Ironically, the day after releasing their new single, it snowed in Texas.  

    Kairos had released another single that year entitled "EMP".  An acronym that does not stand for "Electro Magnetic Pulse".  It was at this time that Kairos began to gain attention from local college radio stations and the world first heard the new sounds of Kairos over the radio waves.  

    In 2018, Kairos had begun work on their second studio release "Half Stack", a EP consisting of five new

singles.  This EP saw a transformation of Kairos' style from a whimsical reggae influenced band to a heavier more punk rock fronted outfit.  Unable to find a suitable genre that Kairos fit into, the term "Candy-Coated Rock and Roll" was coined as a moniker to describe their sound.  After the release of 'Half-Stack' in 2019, Kairos enjoyed countless sold out shows and festivals in the San Marcos area as they quickly became one of the town's premiere music acts.  In September of 2019, they embarked on their first ever tour alongside their good friends 'Moon Dunes' and 'Rusty Dusty'.  This gave Kairos their first opportunity to play out of state.  


Shortly after, the music industry took a huge hit with the Coronavirus Pandemic, however that did not stop Kairos from working on their craft.  In the summer of 2020, they released their 3rd studio EP entitled "American Traditional".  It was at this time they had relocated to Austin, TX as band in hopes of reaching a broader audience.

In 2022, Kairos recorded and released their first ever self- titled LP produced by Dan Flynn at Dragonfly Studios in Fischer, TX.   Kairos has continued to work on their new material in 2023. 

Kairos live Halloween Night (2019)


Jacob Garrigus



Brent Miller

Jake Davila

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